• Announcement: Explore and join other active members in RuneScape Classic - A fantasy MMORPG Adventure! This is RSCLegacy!

Mod Jacob & Tadas will be hosting two events on May 7th for a couple of grand prizes!


The first event;
Combat level 59 - Staking Event.
**This level 59 character must have a minimum of level 40 defense.
First place: Green Party Hat, White Party Hat, Red Party Hat, Mask Set (3 Halloween Masks)
Second place: White Party... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new moderators to the team, Mod Baldr & Mod Jacob.

Both of these players joined RSCLegacy very earlier on, December and January.

Mod Baldr, who is Baldr in-game, is a very helpful, nice player. He has a vast moderating experience, which is always a plus. Additionally, he knows where to draw... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

The game is back up and running properly. Enjoy!

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are aware of the issue where you can not login to the game. We have alerted the developer, but the time zone makes it difficult to get in touch with him.

We are working on getting the server in A+ shape again.

[s]Once we get this server back... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are happy to release the new features:
- Regular Ironman
- Ultra Ironman
- Hardcore (HC) Ironman



You are free to choose between these three types. You will get designated armour as well as icons for the Ironman mode you choose.
To get started... Read More

Hello Runescape Classic Community,

We think this was a wildly successful Event. Judging by the number of players that played during this time, how many signed up, it was very nice to see. Looking at the rare counts specifically, it is very reasonable and more importantly, they are spread out nicely. A lot of different people got different rares so that is always nice to... Read More

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