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Double XP, 25% Off Donation Packages, Game Information and Fixes.12/05/2017

Greetings, One and All.

As the days go on we are gaining what would seem to be a firmer grasp on server reconciliation.
Player asset management disbursement has been underway; there are still game aspects needing to be attended to and updated which our... Read More

Wow, there's been a lot of things happening.

So, when a certain individual attempted to fix the server, he managed to somehow delete over 2 months of work and updates from the server.
The result is that repairing all of what he broke will be a long road for us.  Frankly, it's just staggering the amount of work we have to do to repair what he broke.

It involves ALL... Read More

Hey there, RSCLegacy Community.

As it stands we are still under maintenance while the server is being worked on to facilitate the necessary repairs and fixes in order to have the game brought back online.

In this time we thank you in advance for your patience and well wishes for the server to return online; as soon as possible.

The process of reverting to files and a... Read More

Hey, everyone.

So, we've been working on a lot of cool new updates lately.  We just finished these new additions to the game.

Viola's PK point shop

To make PKing more rewarding and attract players to the wilderness, we've added something called PK points.

Everytime you kill another player, you will receive one PK point.  You can use these PK points to... Read More

Next weekend (NOVEMBER 25&26) we will be having another FREE PK WEEKEND Same as last time with the ::wargear command. A lot of people were out there pking last time and it was a ton of fun. We're hoping to see even more of you next weekend!
Throughout this past week we have done a few events for the border pk lvl ranges. they have been a... Read More

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