Hi I have been updating people on Discord (daily), though all of our members is not using Discord, so I will update you here aswell 😁





I don't have an ETA yet, but I will keep you updated and eventually set an ETA when I feel it's the time.

Hopefully this weekend (IF you want the clan system only with a well done interface to start with).
-Create clan.
-Invite to clan.
-Search for clans.
-Clan settings/options.
-Leave clan.
-Clan statistics.
-Promote Ranks

However if you want Clan Bank, Territorys, Clan Wars systems with it directly, then it will take a little while longer.


Hello RSCL Community,

Due to recent database leaks, some of which are private servers, others are communities and forums that have been compromised within the past 1-2 months, we would like to remind everyone to USE UNIQUE PASSWORDS.

We aren't in the game to name each website database that has been leaked, you may of heard yourself, but a once-popular RSC private servers database may have been leaked, and now a large RSC developers community forum database has been hacked and leaked (confirmed). Even if you didn't register on any of these websites, if you used your password anywhere else (even non-RSC sites!!), change your password here! Make sure it's unique to anything else you use, even if you add a couple letters or numbers in a random order.

For example, if you use a password everywhere with something like: prettyprincess
Then for us, change it to something like: theprettyprincess111

Again, make sure your passwords are UNIQUE for us, for your forum account, as well as your in-game passwords.

And no, RSCLegacy did not get hacked. However, if you use the same password you do on other sites, your character is at risk!
If we were ever compromised, we would let you know. Just to let you know, we do use encryption & salt passwords, and no credit card information is stored on our site.

Now, if you used the same password on here as other site(s), change your password here! 😁

PS: We will be posting a news announcement within the next day of what we have planned for the server within the coming week! Stay tuned.

Hello everyone, these are the latest bug fixes in RSCLegacy.

-Fixed mining - dissapearing rocks.
-Fixed woodcut - dissapearing trees.
-Fixed dissapearing doors.
-Added batching progress to mining skill.
-Replicated the RSC rock respawns based on player counter.
-Replicated the RSC open and automatic shut doors timer. 
-Fixed duplicate messages when skilling, IE: You swing your axe at the tree... multiple times.
-Water blast is now a F2P spell.
-Resized welcome screen to follow client size.
-Resized logout window to follow client size.
-Resized shop interface to follow client size.
-Resized input boxes to follow client size.
-Preparation for Achievement system in client [TASKs] tab.
-Fixed the out of position chat tabs after showing keyboard on Android.
-Fixed the right click on NPCs while bones is disabled from showing.
-Removed the duel option in wilderness Right click.

If the automatic android application installer does not work, please uninstall RSCLegacy apk and re-download it here: www.rsclegacy.com/android/rsclegacy.apk

Here's a picture of the new unique NPC that is coming to RSCLegacy soon:
Please help us come with ideas what his name should be!
Sketch 1:

Sneak Peak - Achievement task information and reward GUI:

There were critical bugs that needed some focus this time, I am now continuing the Achievement system and want it to be on the next update list.

If you find any bugs or have any issues with this new patch, please let us know and we will make sure things get sorted out.

~RSCLegacy staff team.

Hello carvers!

We are hoping that you are enjoying RSCLegacy so far, and will continue our journey with us.

Since we have just released RSCLegacy, we decided to not release any rares this holiday. After my post in the General Section, a lot of players were upset and dissapointed. After going through your posts, staff has been discussing what we could do in order to compensate for not releasing any RSC rares on the New Years.

New NPC, the compensation & players choice:
Our graphic designer is currently working on a completely new unique NPC. We were thinking that it's completely up to you players to decide what this npc is going to drop, his attack abilitys, location, combat level etc.. Yes I know I said that RSC rares are not going to be dropped, maybe I was too quick to judge by what people told me, but i'm letting you, the community to choose now.


-Outside wilderness?
-Randomized spawn locations every "X" minutes in/outside wilderness, not knowing where he will spawn or a message where his new spawn is.

-RSC Rares + Other items?
-New cosmetic rare + Other items.
-NO rares at all, only other existing items.

Attack ability:
-Only melee
-Melee + magic (in this case Earth stones, since this new NPC will be representing the Earth genre and could cast stones).

-Strong boss where it requires more than one player to kill (teamwork needed).
-Hard boss but able to kill it alone.
-High level npc.
-Medium level npc.
-Low level npc.

Please give us your input! We really believe in this update, a 100% community decided update (we the staff, are only adding the new graphics in) and you decide the mechanics.

We are deeply committed to making a game that is fun to play, innovative, and has a great, stable economy for years to come. We also strongly believe that letting our players be a big part of the new content/updates, is the right thing to do.

Achievement system:
I have been working on the achievement system and here are some pictures showing how it will be.

Achievement(Task) list:

More achievement pictures soon..

Latest fixes:
-Fixed teleport stone bug (you will now recieve them automatically and claim them at the Vendors).
-Gave everyone their lost teleport stones.
-You can now dye Pumpkin heads.
-Fixed so you do not loose your pumpkin head upon death.
-Fixed right click teleport on Auction Clerk.
-Removed the double runes spawn in wilderness.

We would also like to thank you for reporting bugs throughout the live version and during beta. Most bugs are fixed and I think it's safe to say that we have a stable game going forward.

~RSCLegacy Staff

Hello RSCLegacy carvers!

Today the following changes and fixes have been made.

-EXP popups (settings menu to enable it).
-Added a new combat formula (let me know how this one is).
-Fixed the registration in client which was giving the message  "wrong username or password" even though after a successful registration.
-Fixed a server memory leak.
-Fixed some broken links on our website.
-Hide from highscores is now functional.
-Replicated gem stall respawn timer (10 minutes per gem).
-Removed the npc / player facing blocks completely from server.
-Fixed batching - enable the progress bar to cancel your batching.
-Auction House fee reduction: from 5% fee to 2.5% fee and minimum fee cost is 5gp instead of 10gp.
-Doors do not have the 2 second timer after closing now.
-Added toggle ON/OFF bones from grounditems & right click to the settings menu.
-Removed the auto closing doors.
-Fixed a bug in Shield of arrav quest, where you couldn't take one of the broken shield parts in phenonix hideout.
-Removed the double NPC spawns in wilderness.

Restart your clients, if you are on Android, please re-download the APK if the auto installer does not work.

Android: www.rsclegacy.com/android/rsclegacy.apk

I'm also in the works of completing the Clan System and a competitive icon update where the number #1 player will get an icon (skill icon) next to their name. The ranking system will be calculating the top 20 players in each skill but only the top player gets the icon, however if you are in the top 20 players rank, you will recieve a number next to your name.

Before the clan system and rankings get added to the server, we are beta testing them so we are sure there are no bugs introduced to the server.

I apologize for the delays, but I have been in an accident where I burned half of my hand with a second-degree+ burn so I have been at the hospital due to infection risks. If i'm slow answering your pms etc.. That's because it's hard and it takes a lot of time to type on my keyboard, but i'm starting to get used to typing with one and a "half" hand. 😁

Thank you all for understanding.


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  • To see your total XP rate, type ::info in-game.


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