• Announcement: RSCLegacy P2P World has been released!

Hello RSC Legacy Community,

We hope everyone is enjoying themselves; it seems that we are picking up a bit in players which is nice to see. I talked to a couple of people in the last few days that are skeptical of signing up with us because they do not know if it is worth it, etc. I’ll just say this to them, we are devoted to make this community great. Notice how... Read More

We are pleased to announce that two mini-games have been replicated and are fully functioning as of this announcement.
First, the Gnome Restaurant. Fun fact, this was released on RSC back on December 12th, 2002.

Location: Grand Tree

There is a shop that you can buy a number of tasty treats from, such as cheese and tomato battas, toad battas, chocolate bombs, worm... Read More

Hello RSC Legacy Community,

Taking your feedback, we have decided to do a weekly blog/announcement type thing. It will cover a lot of the things going on with RSC Legacy both in the backend and what you, the player experiences every single day.

First, let’s have a look at what happened last week:

We had a very successful P2P launch (free for everyone). It took... Read More

So for a few weeks i have been putting together a drop party to celebrate the release of P2P!

Here is what you can expect in the drop party, So make sure you are there
[color=white]I would like to say a huge thankyou to the players that... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Players,

We hope that P2P is going well for you. We have seen an increase in players which is good to see. We will continue to keep you satisfied by fixing any issues that are reported on the forums.

There were a couple hours of combat formula testing done today, comparing RSC to RSCL, and the formula has been adjusted some. It should now be a much more... Read More

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