Hello RSCLegacy players,

First and foremost, over the past couple of nights, you may have seen us doing some announced server restarts. These were intentional as we are optimizing the performance for our server to make it faster for you, the players, as well as make the backend much faster and more reliable.

Some in-game changes:
- NPC's have been restored to... Read More

Hello Runescapers,

We have a lot planned coming up this month, we hope you enjoy the changes and updates we have set forth.

First, there has been a lot of bug fixing. We've taken all the reports of known bugs that were posted on the forums and fixed them. You can see the entire list of bugs posted in the spoiler.

Additionally, we will be having new moderator(s) in the... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are very busy behind the scenes, all have different duties and are working hard on them. We are determined more than ever (all those words of "encouragement" 😉), the fire is in our bellies. Nonetheless, many have been asking for moderators in game. After a couple days of looking through the applications, interviewing and what not, we have... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy players,

Earlier today we have experienced a problem with the server, so you may experience some issues in-game.

You may experience the following issues:
- adding someone to your friends list causes you to log out
- redeeming your subscription in-game may not take effect

We are aware of those issues, if you are experiencing any other issues, reply below... Read More

Hello everyone, our Launcher has had problems to not work for Mac users, however that is now fixed and I have updated the RSCLauncher on our website, I will link it below aswell.

RSCLegacy Launcher

-Big thanks to Vahnx for helping me troubleshooting and letting me be on his PC to solve the issue.


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