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About us

What is RSCLegacy?

RSCLegacy is a Runescape Classic Private Server hosted by our devoted team which is composed of dedicated players that been active since the first stage of the game. Our passion for Runescape Classic is what thrive us to be the best in the game.

Our experience

We have years of experience on the field both as players and server owners and understand the game to the fullest which is why we deliver such a great product. Our team consists of Administrators, Game Developer, Web Developer, Graphic Artist and several Moderators.

The future

Our goal is to push Runescape Classic further by introducing new zones, new cosmetic items, new monsters, new skills, new quests and everything else Classic needs.

We are happy to have you on board to experience all the love we put into this game to make it a masterpiece.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


RSCLegacy is a free of charge Runescape Classic private server. On top of being a replica, RSCLegacy will offer new content that has never been seen before.


No absolutely not! We will always be free of charge.


The whole game itself can be played to the fullest without having to invest real money.


You can expect 99.9% uptime, constant development, active and fair staff and all the nostalgia that come with playing the game


No, we do not condone cheating. It's something we do not tolerate and will punish players that are caught using a bot or real world trading in-game currency. This is something we take very seriously.


You can either buy cosmetics from the shop or subscriptions. We also have a donate button if you simply want to support us for the hard work without receiving something in return!


Yes, we suppport all Android devices, to download the .apk please visit this link: RSCLegacy.apk.


Yes we intend to host the regular holiday events following real RuneScape Classic. We will also have custom holiday quests and much more, you have to see for yourself.


No, we do not plan to have any server wipes. Your progress are permanent. We are having daily backups to ensure that we are not losing any players valuable time.


Yes we have an achievements system specifially designed for RSCLegacy. Please visit your achievement history


Jewels is our forum currency used to purchase membership, cosmetic items and everything found in the shop.

They can also be used to trade with other players for everything you might need on your journey.

Jewels can be purchased here.


As many as you want with a limit of 6 characters per forum account. It is possible to buy more character slots with Jewels.


No, membership bonus are applied to the selected character only.

Staff team


Admin - Developer

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Admin - Manager

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Mod Bat


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Mod Dan


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Mod Kyle


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