• Announcement: Explore and join other active members in RuneScape Classic - A fantasy MMORPG Adventure! This is RSCLegacy!

Play Guides

Let the adventure start - we have created a couple of Play Guides to ease your game play.

Guides last updated: 2016-09-11

Getting started

Click on the button below to start downloading the client to your device (PC / Android).

When download is complete please double click on the Executable Jar or the APK to start the client. For more information on how to get the client to start please scroll down to Download & Run section.

Client Download - RSCLegacy

PC (Windows/Linux/Mac) PC - Windows / Mac / Linux
Android Devices Android (APK)

Gameplay Guides

The gameplay guide includes information on a number of important topics such as download & running the game, creating a character, controls, and navigation of RSC Client interface.

Additional information can also be found via the Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Game Features

Guides with detailed explanations of the various features available in RSCLegacy.