Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are very busy behind the scenes, all have different duties and are working hard on them. We are determined more than ever (all those words of "encouragement" 😉), the fire is in our bellies. Nonetheless, many have been asking for moderators in game. After a couple days of looking through the applications, interviewing and what not, we have decided on our newest moderator, Mod Bat.

Mod Bat, also known as batman, has been here since the start and during that time he has always assisted new players and didn't look for recognition. Little did he know, he helped out one of my personal characters not knowing it was me. He is mature, dedicated, and looking to make a good experience for new players to this game.

Please give Mod Bat a warm welcome. Being a moderator is at times, a thankless job, and a lot of pressure may fall on him at times, so be patient with him.

RSCLegacy Staff

Hello RSCLegacy players,

Earlier today we have experienced a problem with the server, so you may experience some issues in-game.

You may experience the following issues:
- adding someone to your friends list causes you to log out
- redeeming your subscription in-game may not take effect

We are aware of those issues, if you are experiencing any other issues, reply below letting us know in detail.

These issues should be fixed once Imposter wakes up and repairs/restarts the server.

RSCLegacy Staff.

Hello everyone, our Launcher has had problems to not work for Mac users, however that is now fixed and I have updated the RSCLauncher on our website, I will link it below aswell.

RSCLegacy Launcher

-Big thanks to Vahnx for helping me troubleshooting and letting me be on his PC to solve the issue.


Hello RSCLegacy players,

We have a couple of great updates to present today.

First, the most important one, the clan system.
The state of the clan system that we are releasing today has the following:

- Create clan 
- Clan settings
- Clanmates Interface (GUI)
- Leave Clan
- Clan invite and Clan accept (GUI)
- Kick user
- Clan leader rank
- Right click [Add friend, message, kick user for leader]
- Chat clan tags and clan tags above head with player name.
- Clan history tab
- Clan tab overview in social list.

::c <message>

Keep in mind that this is the base of the clan system and features will be worked on to improve it, both GUI wise and content.

We'll have a full guide on this within a day or so (will be linked from this news announcement to our guides section), after we see if anything needs adjusting.

Next, we moved the settings menu to a new column so that it makes more sense and is easier to access.
To access this, login game and hover over the "wrench" icon. Then, click "settings", and you will see the following options:

Under Android settings:
- Hold-on-time for Menu (increased to 600ms)
- Hold and Choose
- Swipe to Scroll / Rotate

Under Game Settings:
- Batch Progress Bar
- Experience Popups
- Zoom View (fixed one more zoom state and accurate zoom distances)
- Fog
- Show Roof
- Show Ground Items
- Show Bones
- Automatic message switch (if on, it will auto switch to chat section that receives message, if off, you need to manually click to check if you received a new message, ie: a new PM).
- Side menu
- Kill feed

Clan settings:
- Name and Clan tag
- Clan Invitation

It's important to note that all of your settings will save as you set them.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve Android gameplay, we've received many requests to add swipe to scroll, rotate camera for the android.

We hope that it makes your game play enjoyable and much easier. also, we were shown that you can't easily see the sleeping word with the keyboard brought up when you use a sleeping bag or bed, so it has been moved.

The kill notifier has been extended.

Now, some house keeping:

Regarding botters:
Earlier today, we received some feedback on our ban policy, which was, 72 hour bans for botting. Many of our players were not so thrilled with that, as it doesn't seem so fair. We thought about it, and as you do have to work hard for your items and stats in this game, we have changed our policy to permanently banning any chars that are caught using a macro. This is an effective policy from this post forward. Also, please right click and report any suspected botters, or PM a staff member. Please do not call them out in chat, this is not helpful, it only causes unnecessary drama.

Global chat:
We appreciate everyone acting mature in global chat and not harassing and attacking other players on it. We have ::p (PK chat) for a reason if you wish to banter with other players. Global chat is for light talk, runescape related talk, buying/selling items...it is NOT for attacking other players.

Lastly, moderators:
We are looking at all of the applications submitted on the forums. Feel free to keep submitting if you wish to be a moderator. We are choosing our moderators on here very carefully to make sure they are not biased, fair, and more importantly, are able to adequately help new players to the game.

Thank you for playing RSCLegacy!

Hi I have been updating people on Discord (daily), though all of our members is not using Discord, so I will update you here aswell 😁





I don't have an ETA yet, but I will keep you updated and eventually set an ETA when I feel it's the time.

Hopefully this weekend (IF you want the clan system only with a well done interface to start with).
-Create clan.
-Invite to clan.
-Search for clans.
-Clan settings/options.
-Leave clan.
-Clan statistics.
-Promote Ranks

However if you want Clan Bank, Territorys, Clan Wars systems with it directly, then it will take a little while longer.



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