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Hello RSCLegacy Community,

We are happy to release the new features:
- Regular Ironman
- Ultra Ironman
- Hardcore (HC) Ironman



You are free to choose between these three types. You will get designated armour as well as icons for the Ironman mode you choose.
To get started... Read More

Hello Runescape Classic Community,

We think this was a wildly successful Event. Judging by the number of players that played during this time, how many signed up, it was very nice to see. Looking at the rare counts specifically, it is very reasonable and more importantly, they are spread out nicely. A lot of different people got different rares so that is always nice to... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

Tomorrow the last set of rares are being dropped.

When this countdown gets to zero, the new cycle of rares gets dropped, which includes: Halloween Masks and Pumpkins!


Ways to get rares:
1. Hourly giveaway where someone is randomly chosen that is online.
2. World Drop Party (Pre-announced).
3. Killing... Read More

Hello Runescape Classic Community,

We hope you have been all enjoying the past two days of Easter Fun! I see a lot of you wearing your Bunny Ears, some are wearing their Santa Hats and Scythes they got today! Also, today we had over 100+ people attend our Falador world drop party, which was very nice to see.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a big day!
The following rares will... Read More

The Easter Event has officially started! You can now login game to experience increased experience rates, participate in fun events and get a chance at earning some rare items!

The Easter Event is running from now until Monday at 11:59 PM (GMT +1 time).
Here are some of the fun things we have planned for the next couple of days:

1. Easter Events (Staff Held)
These... Read More

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